Dunger LLC

Dunger LLC develops and manufactures granular mineral and organic-mineral fertilizers by compacting method. Enterprise uses a unique technology of manufacturing the fertilizers, an equipment, which provides absolute dosage accuracy, equability in mixing of components and compliance with the claimed formulas to the true nutrient content. Compared to other methods, the formation of compacting pellets allows to quickly change the component composition and produce fertilizers with any number of components.

Production base of “DUNGER LLC” takes place in town of Nova Liubomyrka in Rivne region.

Production of complex mineral granular fertilizers is carried out on around-the-clock basis. The production capacities make it possible to produce up to 8,000 tons of granular production per month, up to 100,000 tons per year. The company provides jobs for more than 70 specialists, from loaders and machinists to technologists and engineers. Due to the research activities of technologists and laboratory workers, we are constantly updating our product range.

The continuous production cycle allows us to take, granulate and pack raw materials into specialized soft containers (big/bags) and to ship granular fertilizers by rail as well as by road at the same time. The own track station allows us both to receive and to ship granular fertilizers at the same time. The enterprise also has the opportunity to store both granular fertilizers in bulk up to 3000 tons and packed granular fertilizers in oudoor storage area and up to 5000 tons of placed.